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In different categories you can find the very best of Prague. Prague best locations, Prague best pubs, Prague best Clubs and many many more. The list of "top 10" in every category is revised every 3 month uppon many different points of view.

We hope you will find this web as a useful guide, no matter if you came to Prague just for one day or for a lifetime.


New design of charts aplied, showing the progress and showing whats new.

We are proud to present our 2nd chart, for the II.Q.2011. We are very glad, that you like our chart! In past 4 month we had visitors from 77 countries! And the most visited chart? Prague Architecture and our Prague sex guide!

We are finishing 2nd chart, II.Q 2011. Will publish it at the end of june.
We recieved many lovelly emails. Thanks for your support.


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